Scaffold boards tend to be quite thick and sturdy, in order to support the weight of workers while remaining structurally sound and reliable as a construction. Scaffolding boards tend to be uniform in size, to ensure safety and optimal working conditions for scaffolders, although in this article we’ll explain how you can go about getting custom-sized scaffold boards. But to begin, I’m first going to answer a common question: how long are scaffold boards in standard sizing?

How long are scaffold boards?

When it comes to a standard scaffold board, the typical length reaches around 4 meters (3.9m to be exact), or 13 feet. Standard scaffold boards are thick and sturdy as well as lengthy, in order to support the weight of construction workers and enable safe passage throughout the scaffolding structure.

Alternative sized scaffold boards

While scaffolding boards are typically used in scaffolding structures, you can also find ready-made scaffold boards in the following sizes and use them for DIY purposes:

13ft in length

These are ideal for providing sturdy, reliable walking boards for scaffolding structures

10ft in length

These scaffold boards are also used in scaffolding, but can also be adapted for home use, such as creating outdoor furniture or for use in home improvement

8ft in length

While these might be used for scaffolding projects, you can easily use these scaffolding boards to create indoor furniture

6ft & 5ft in length

These scaffold boards are the best when it comes to using scaffold planks for home furniture and DIY.

Will standard-sized scaffold boards be right for my construction needs?

Most scaffolding boards are uniform in size (13ft) in order to adapt to all different types of scaffolding while remaining secure and sturdy. Most likely, the standard-sized scaffolding board will be effective for your construction project, whether it be repairs, home improvement, or something else. If you need work done on a building with external features which might get in the way of the scaffolding, you might need different-sized scaffold boards. Buying custom-sized scaffold boards will undoubtedly be more expensive than buying standard-sized scaffold boards.

Where can I buy custom-made scaffolding boards?

Certain scaffolding manufacturers will be able to provide you with scaffolding boards in the dimensions that you require, although it’s important to first speak with a contractor about your construction project. A trained scaffolder will be able to tell you if you need custom-sized scaffold planks and will advise you on how to approach them in the most cost-effective way. Most custom-sized scaffolding boards will be manufactured using European Whitewood, which is typically imported from European countries and fixed with hoop irons and nail plates to protect the scaffolding from damage.

What can I use scaffold boards for?

If you’re looking to use scaffold boards for home improvement, home decor, or home DIY, there are a number of uses for scaffold boards, especially those smaller in length. No matter their length, scaffold boards are typically sturdy and reliable, so you can use them to create bookshelves, construct an outdoor decking, build a dining table or a lean coffee table, and more. If you’re using the scaffold boards as shelves or as a means of storing other objects, you’ll want to first make sure that the scaffold boards are capable of holding the required weight. You’ll also want to make sure to install them properly – speak to a scaffolding expert before installing any home furniture using scaffold boards. For example, when it comes to using scaffold boards for shelve purposes, you’ll need to make sure you have size-appropriate brackets for the thicker board sizes.



Can I use scaffold boards for DIY?

Yes – scaffold boards are sturdy and boast an authentic, rustic look – they’re perfect for use in home DIY and for creating solid, durable home furniture. Make sure to consult an expert before using scaffold boards for indoor use if you’re not experienced with them.

Can I customize the wood for scaffold planks?

Most scaffold planks are made with European whitewood, although you can ask for certain customizations, such as sanded or unsanded.

Are all scaffold boards the same size?

No, you can find scaffold boards in different lengths and even find scaffolding experts willing to offer you, custom-sized scaffold boards, for an increased cost.

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