Factors Affecting the Time Taken to Erect Scaffolding:

  • Site Location: The location of the site can significantly affect the time taken to erect scaffolding. For example, if the site is in a congested area with limited access, it may take longer to erect scaffolding than in an open space with easy access.
  • Height: The height of the scaffolding required also affects the time taken to erect it. Quite simply, scaffolding required for a 2 storey building is quicker to erect than for a 6 storey building.
  • Type of Scaffold: The type of scaffold required for the project can also affect the time taken to erect it. For instance, a simple scaffold tower to repoint a chimney, say, may take less time to erect than a more complex one which goes around an entire building for a repainting job.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather conditions such as rain, strong winds, or extreme temperatures can significantly affect the time taken to erect scaffolding. In high winds, very wet or very hot weather conditions, it may not be safe to put up scaffolding and therefore create delays.


Examples of How Long it Takes to Erect Scaffolding for Different Types of Activities:

  1. House Painting: For a small house painting project, it may take a day or two to erect the scaffolding required.
  2. Roof Repairs: For a roof repair project, it may take between two to five days to erect the scaffolding required, depending on the size of the property and ensuring access to all areas of the roof.
  3. Large Building Construction: If the scaffolding is needed in support of a warehouse or factory construction then it could take weeks or even months to put up the scaffolding required, again much depends on the size and complexity of the project.

Other Factors:

We can’t stress this enough but take the time to research your scaffolding provider. An experienced and well-trained/certified team can put up scaffolding way more quickly and dependably than an inexperienced team or one which is not used to the type of requirement you may have.

In conclusion, the time taken to erect scaffolding can vary immensely. Factors like site location, height requirement, type of scaffold needed, and even the prevailing weather conditions can impact the time needed.

Please watch the video below to gain more insight into the tasks involved in setting up a scaffold:


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