Factors Impacting Your Triple Glazed Sash Windows Cost

It’s always essential to obtain at least three quotations to ensure you’re not paying over the odds and to work with an installer who is happy to share previous reviews or examples of projects completed in your local area. Each property is different, and you will be looking at varying triple glazed sash windows costs depending on:

  • How many windows you wish to replace.
  • What materials and frames you select.
  • The size and positioning of your windows.
  • Where your property is located.
  • Whether you need upper floor triple glazing or ground floor only.

One of the most significant cost factors will always be in how many windows you’d like to upgrade to triple glazing. The positive is that the more windows you triple glaze at the same time, the more cost-effective the total price will be.

For example, if you were installing four windows on a two-bedroom house, you might be quoted £2,000 as a rough average. Triple glazing 15 windows on a larger four-bedroom detached home would usually cost around £7,200 – so the comparable cost per window drops slightly the more you install.

Therefore, before you fill in your quotation form, it’s well worth thinking about whether you want to replace just one sash window in your living room or if it’s worthwhile replacing all of your old glazing at the same time.

You can also choose between several different frame materials. The most popular include uPVC, aluminium and wood, with timber frames costing around 50% more than uPVC and aluminium around 25% more.

Another factor is whether you’re paying a craftsperson for the installation or want to buy the triple glazing and fit it yourself. We’d always advise against DIY, particularly for windows, since these must be fitted perfectly and sealed correctly to ensure you don’t end up losing heat through poorly positioned panes.

However, if you are experienced in glazing and want to cut down on your budget, you might expect to pay around £350 per pane.

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Additional Considerations Impacting Your Triple Glazing Price

Sash windows are all different in terms of how they are laid out, which will inevitably impact the cost.

It makes sense to upgrade these types of windows as quickly as possible if worn or the frames are starting to deteriorate. Sashes are an excellent way to flood your living spaces with light and enhance your home’s roadside appearance.

Remember, if you’re concerned about your heating system and are considering triple glazing due to boiler issues, it’s also wise to look at booking a Boiler Repair call out to ensure you can heat your home and retain that warmth as efficiently as possible.

You might have an ornate sash window with multiple smaller panes and want to replicate the same aesthetic. Modern properties usually have more angular sash windows that are easier to replace, or you might decide to scrap your existing window design entirely and opt for something more contemporary!

Location is also a factor since properties in London or in more rural areas where any specialist equipment is required will be more time-consuming. For example, properties with a sash window in an elevated position might require a platform or scaffolding.

Security matters, too, so if your sash windows face the front elevation of your property, it’s essential to ask about safety locks and how secure the windows are as a precaution against criminal intrusions. We also provide a free quotation service for Locksmith Call-Outs if you have any concerns about the quality of your locks!

It’s always worth having a chat with your short-listed glazers if you have any queries about the correct type of triple glazing for your home and what sort of design options are available for your sash window replacement.

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Help with Understanding Your Triple Glazing Quotation

Once you’ve filled in your quote request form, you might find that the responses you get look a little different.

That is simply because multiple factors are involved in the cost, and different tradespeople will use different layouts and quotation forms to communicate the total price.

There are three main elements to each quote:

  • Materials account for around 70% of the cost – including the glass, frames, fittings and sealant.
  • Labour makes up usually around 25% of the total price. This cost will depend on how long the work is anticipated to take, which also relies on the complexity of your windows, the size and shape of the installation, and how many windows you are upgrading.
  • Waste removal is often rolled up into the total pricing, although some tradespeople can quote it separately on any itemised quote. It usually accounts for the remaining 5% of the cost. It might be tempting to do this yourself. Still, it’s often far more cost-effective and convenient to leave it to the professionals, as you might need specialist disposal or recycling services for building waste and glazing.

Labour tends to cost around £150 to £200 per day for a qualified triple glazing installer. If you were replacing your sash windows and no other glazing in your property, you’d probably expect that to take around two days in total.

It’s also wise to think about any redecorating work that you might require – this is often something homeowners consider to give their property a real facelift to complement their new sash windows!

Rendering typically costs around £25 to £45 per square metre and can be required to make good any damage to external rendering during the replacement of your sash window.

Once you’re happy with your plans for your home’s exterior, it may also be necessary to consider the interior heating system. Triple glazing is exceptionally efficient at retaining warmth. So if you’re replacing sash windows but not any other glazing, it might be a good idea to look at Moving a Radiator to ensure you have even heat distribution throughout your home.

What are the Benefits of Upgrading a Sash Window to Triple Glazing?

There are lots of reasons to consider triple glazing:

  • Reducing heat loss through thinner panes – ensuring you can reduce your heating bills and retain better warmth produced by your heating system. Triple glazing offers an additional pane with a low emissivity coating, ensuring that heat is reflected back into your property.
  • Insulation, from sound as well as heat. People living in busy city centres, near major roads or train stations often opt for triple glazing as a cost-effective sound insulation solution.
  • Protection from condensation, with the inner pane providing improved insulation with the internal pane temperature closely matching the temperature outdoors. This feature reduces the risk of condensation, even in humid rooms.
  • Security enhancements, with increased protection from intruders. Triple glazed panes are hard to break or smash, and tough laminated glass can withstand very high pressure. Internal beading also ensures that criminals cannot remove panes from the frame to gain entry to your home.

Triple glazing is also a great selling point and can increase your property’s market value if you come to sell.

Every home sold must have an energy-efficiency certificate to accompany the sale details. Therefore if you have a modern, upgraded form of glazing, this can make for an appealing prospect, given the lower cost of heating the property and the reduced chance that the glazing will need replacing any time soon.

In short, this contemporary form of glazing can add value to your property, reduce heating bills, and make it an all-round cosier place to live – with the savings often quickly repaying the triple glazed sash windows cost in just a few years! The can also complement other home improvement works, where you may be researching the cost of kitchen rewiring and kitchen wrapping costs, and other renovations, adding to the overall increase in value to your home.

Triple glazing is also a great selling point and can increase your property’s market value if you come to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions - Triple Glazing a Sash Window

Here we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about triple glazing, particularly when considering replacing your sash windows!

Why Does Sash Window Triple Glazing Cost More in my Area?

In short, some areas are more expensive in general due to costs of living, trading license fees, transport charges and insurance costs. London is usually a more expensive region – for example, glazing installers will need to cover emissions charges to travel to many central properties, and commercial insurance rates will be higher.

Multiple cost elements are rolled up into a triple glazing quote, which reflects the generally higher costs in the southeast.

Do I Need Scaffolding to Have Triple Glazing Installed?

Not necessarily – most sash window replacements won’t need any form of scaffolding or platforms, provided they are accessible from ground level.

However, properties on a steep hill or where upper floor windows are being replaced at the same time will often require scaffolding. Replacing windows from inside is possible but isn’t usually recommended since an installation team will require direct access from both sides of the windows and need scaffolding to ensure they can work safely.

The scaffolding costs depend on how long you need it for how high the scaffolding needs to be, and the average prices in your area, but it tends to be around £1,000 per week.

Which Sash Windows are the Most Expensive to Replace with Triple Glazing?

Windows come in multiple different styles, shapes and sizes. Sash windows might be standard size on more recent builds or be a unique shape on a period property, which will undoubtedly be a cost factor.

  • Normal lipped casement windows are the least expensive.
  • Sash windows tend to cost around 50% more.
  • Flush casements are around 15% more expensive than lipped casement windows.
  • Bay windows typically cost around double that of a standard casement window.

A lot depends on what sort of property you live in. Cottage windows, for example, tend to be more bespoke, and therefore cost around twice that of a standard casement window.

What is the Cheapest Material to Choose to Triple Glaze my Sash Window?

As well as the glass itself, you have several options when it comes to the frame material. The most common options are uPVC, wood and aluminium. Again, this decision is down to what appearance you wish to achieve, your home’s style and period, and what other materials are used throughout your property.

The below table provides an indicative guide as to the average costs for sash windows depending on how many panes you require and what frame material you select:

Frame material Cost for four windows Cost for seven windows Cost for nine windows Cost for twelve windows
UPVC £3,000 – £7,500 £5,250 – £13,000 £6,750 – £17,000 £9,000 – £23,000
Wood £5,000 – £12,000 £8,500 – £21,000 £11,000 – £27,000 £14,500 – £36,000
Aluminium £4,000 – £10,000 £6,500 – £17,500 £8,500 – £22,500 £11,500 – £30,000

Is Triple Glazing Worth the Extra Cost Over Double Glazing?

Double glazed sash windows have two panes rather than three and are lower cost to install than triple glazing. Double-glazing has been around since the 1980s and is commonly used, with over 90% of UK homes benefitting from this improved insulation over single panes.

However, double glazed windows are often a sealed unit and cannot be repaired – if they are damaged, the whole unit needs replacing.

This form of glazing does have the advantages of low maintenance costs, ready-made frames, and sound insulation, but to a lesser degree than more advanced triple glazing.

A lot depends on your budget, property, style aspirations and whether you are upgrading your home to protect against security risks and noise or wish to find the lowest-cost solution to avoid paying over the odds for your heating bills.

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Having spent 30 years working all over the world for top-tier investment banks, I’ve owned and developed houses all over the world – Europe, the US and Asia. I’m now based back in the UK and involved in the property industry – oh, and I’m a keen DIY enthusiast!
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