Stockport: Where Heritage Meets Contemporary Living

Stockport is a living gallery of historical architecture interspersed with modern touches, mirroring its community’s zest for contemporary living while honouring its past. The town’s growth has been marked by a harmonious blend of the old with the new, making it an attractive canvas for homeowners looking to extend their living spaces.

As Stockport evolves, so do the aspirations of its residents, with many seeking to add modern, sophisticated extensions that complement the town’s unique landscape.

Your Starting Point for an improved living space:

Your home extension journey in Stockport should be as exciting as it is straightforward. At, we aim for just that. Tell us about your project’s scale, specific location within Stockport, timeline, and distinctive needs. Our role is to connect you to a network of local professionals who are the best fit for your project.

Bridging You to Stockport’s Premier Building Talent

Gain access to our curated network of extension firms is the pride of Stockport. We can connect you with builders who understand and cherish the town’s architectural heritage. They are adept at creating extensions that are a natural extension of Stockport’s diverse character as well as the planning laws around the project.

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About Us

The Refurbb Blueprint: Your Path to the Ideal Extension

  • Vision and Planning:

Begin with a vision. What shape, what style, what purpose? Share the details of your desired extension, timeline, and specific preferences. We specialise in pairing you with builders who are not just in Stockport but of Stockport—experts who can navigate the local architectural vernacular with finesse.

  • Location Specifics:

Whether you’re nestled in the bustling heart of the town or in the tranquil outskirts, we understand that the location dictates much of an extension’s design. Our service ensures that your builder is familiar with and proficient in crafting extensions that resonate with the local ethos from Cheadle to Bredbury.

  • Timing Your Project:

Time is of the essence, and it is no different in the world of home extensions. Share your ideal schedule, and we will communicate this to builders who can complete the project in that timeframe.

  • Project Details:

Every home extension is a personal statement. We invite you to share the intricacies of your project—be it the desire for a huge family kitchen with an island, an innovative design, or smart-home features. Our platform is designed to communicate your needs clearly to the builders who can fulfil them.

  • Your Contact Details:

To tailor our service to your project, we require your contact information. This is how extension builders will contact you with quotes to compare.

  • Receive Custom Quotes at Your Discretion

Our partner portal offers a transparent view of Stockport’s extension builders. Here, you can evaluate their past work, read client feedback, and request quotes that align with your budget—all on your terms.

The Refurbb Advantage for Your Stockport Project

  • Trust and Transparency:

Leverage our platform to review testimonials and assess the credibility of builders before making a decision. You control the process from the onset.

  • Streamlined Communication:

Whether on the move or at your desk, our portal is designed for convenience, allowing you to manage your quotes and interactions effortlessly.

  • Personalised Solutions:

We recognise the unique nature of every home extension. is your platform for specifying individual needs, assuring a bespoke solution that reflects your vision.