Surrey: The Epitome of Rural Charm and Contemporary Design

Surrey is the epitome of English charm, where the rustic allure of the countryside meets the sophistication of modern living. This county offers a versatile backdrop for any home extension project, blending rolling hills and contemporary urban centres.

Whether you’re nestled in the tranquillity of the Surrey Hills AONB or within the bustling boroughs like Guildford, Surrey is a county that boasts a plethora of picturesque locales, perfect for enhancing your property with a bespoke extension.

In this highly desirable area, savvy homeowners seek out skilled extension builders who can tailor unique spaces to complement Surrey’s diverse landscape.

Your Personal Guide to Surrey’s Extension Specialists:

Setting off on your home extension journey in Surrey is an exciting endeavour. At, we dedicate ourselves to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Share your vision with us—detailing your Surrey location, the timeline you envision, and your specific preferences—and we will introduce you to our handpicked network of local extension maestros.

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The Refurbb Approach: Crafting Your Vision with Precision

Here’s how we tailor the journey for you:

  • Detail Your Project:

Begin by sharing the essence of the extension you envisage. From the style to the specific features and, importantly, your Surrey location, we match you with builders whose expertise is best suited to your needs.

  • Specify Your Extension’s Location:

Surrey’s neighbourhoods are as varied as they are enchanting. We tailor our service to find a builder with the right local insight, whether you’re close to the bustling centre of Woking or in the leafy suburbs of Esher.

  • Your Desired Timing:

Timing can make or break a project. Let us know your ideal timeframe, and we’ll synchronise our builders’ schedules to yours, ensuring the project rolls out in harmony with your life.

  • Further Project Specifics:

The devil is in the details, as they say. Share with us the unique aspects of your desired extension—be it eco-friendly materials, innovative designs, or specific functionalities. Our platform is designed to champion your unique requirements.

  • Provide Your Contact Information:

We’ll ask for your contact details to ensure builders can contact you with a quote or to organise a site visit.

Empowering Your Choices with No Obligation Estimates

Enter our partner portal to survey Surrey’s extension builders, review their work, and request bespoke estimates. Here, you’re in control and can select who you partner with based on your budget and preferences.

Why Settle with Refurbb?

  • Quality You Can Trust:

We provide a transparent platform where you can access genuine reviews and evaluate the calibre of our builders, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions.

  • Effortless Interaction:

Our user-friendly portal is designed for convenience, enabling you to manage quotes and communications smoothly, whether on the go or at your desk.

  • Customised for You:

Every home extension is a personal statement. At, we celebrate this by providing a service that’s as unique as your project, ensuring your extension truly reflects your individual style and needs.