How to clean resin driveways

Cleaning a driveway is important to ensure a long health lifespan and minimal maintenance costs.

Sweep the driveway regularly with a stiff broom to lift dust and debris. This helps to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained and inhibits moss growth. Foreign bodies, stubborn dirt and stains can be removed with a jet wash.

Use a jet wash with a flat, spraying nozzle, this helps with precision and accuracy when you are spraying and will allow you to target specific stains or dirty areas. Always sweep the drive first before you wash it.

Use no more pressure than 150bar, if you use excessive pressure, you will damage the resin surface. Use water at a moderate temperature, too hot or too cold can also damage the driveway. Keep the nozzle at least 20cm away from the surface otherwise you will increase the pressure as the water hits the surface. Use a sweeping motion back and forth for best results. If you don’t have a jet wash, then a garden hose can do the job of cleaning a driveway just as well.

How to clean resin driveways and protect them from damage

As well as cleaning a driveway surface, there are a number of different measures which can help protect the resin bound surface and keep it looking good for longer. Knowing how to clean resin driveways and applying regular cleaning and close attention will help you to spot areas where there is staining or deterioration which can be treated before it becomes irreversible.

  • Resin bound paving is designed for light vehicle use and pedestrians so avoid parking LGVs or HGVs on the driveway. Other heavy objects should not be stored on the driveway like motorhomes or boats on trailers
  • If you are doing work or renovations to your home, try to avoid leaving a skip on the driveway – keep it in the road if possible
  • Take care with sharp metal objects which can cut into or puncture the surface
  • Don’t work on cars on the driveway, this avoids oil and chemical spills which will stain the surface
  • Resin is a surface which is especially weed resistant, but it is inevitable that some seedlings will sprout from time to time. Pull these by hand, waiting for enough of the plant to grow so that you can obtain a good grip to pull the weed out by its roots. You can spot spray with a mild weed killer but avoid strong chemicals as these will damage the driveway surface
  • Avoid turning the wheel of the car whilst it is stationary on the drive as this will leave tyre marks. If there are tyre marks on the surface, then these can be removed with white spirit and then washed with an emulsifier and a fan-assisted pressure washer
  • Use a plastic shovel to remove snow and ice, not a metal one. Using salt or sand to prevent ice forming in the winter is not a problem on a resin bound surface. Once the snow has thawed and the temperature lifted sufficiently, clean the surface with a light pressure wash. Do not use road grit as this will clog the permeable surface
  • Algae and moss usually only grow in shaded, damp areas. Cut back plants or shrubbery to increase light. A dilute solution of bleach and a light power wash is enough to remove any unwanted growth. Don’t leave the bleach in contact with the surface for too long
  • Oil stains can be removed from resin by using a degreasing product or standard household detergent. Soak up any excess oil as quickly as possible after the spill with sand or cat litter. Once this has been removed, apply the product to the affected area, scrub in with a brush and allow to work for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water
  • Always remove stains as soon as they appear

The advantages of a resin driveway

Resin is an incredibly strong surface which is anti-slip and anti-skid and with excellent drainage.

Resin driveways are popular because they provide all the advantages of gravel without all the drawbacks. Resin driveways are in the middle pricewise so are also pretty affordable plus, they stay looking good with not very much maintenance, most of which can be carried out by the householder.

Check out this short video showing how to clean resin driveways:

You may want to find out how much a professional driveway cleaner costs as opposed to cleaning the driveway yourself. Cleaning a driveway is a great way to preserve your drive. Alternatively, you may want to research more driveway preservation ideas such as sealcoating a driveway and fixing a crumbling driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a professional to clean my resin driveway?

Some people sweep and hose down regularly and then once a year, have a professional clean to really lift the dirt from their resin driveway. This is also a good time to undertake any patch repairs if required.

How much value will a new resin driveway add to my home?

A professionally installed resin driveway will add between 5%-10% to the value of your home. Car parking is at a premium for any buyer these days and off-road parking particularly in busy streets and where a charge point can be added for an electric vehicle.

Can you repair cracks in a resin driveway?

Cracks can be repaired and should be treated by a professional as soon as they appear.

What type of properties suit a resin driveway?

A resin-bound surface is one of those materials which can work with almost any style of property. It is traditional enough to suit an older style or period property but can also match a contemporary home with a clean, light fresh look.

Can resin be laid on top of an existing driveway surface?

Resin can be laid on top of a concrete or tarmac driveway, but this must be in good condition and absent cracks or holes otherwise the resin won’t lie properly, and the surface will become compromised and crack. Trying to cover up a poor driveway with a resin top won’t ultimately work and the old surface will need to be removed first.


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