Our At-a-Glance Summary of the Average Cost of a New Patio


Patio Materials or Installation Project Low Average Cost High Average Cost
Supply and Installation of a Concrete Patio £60 per square metre £90 per square metre
Supply and Installation of a Brick Patio £70 per square metre £110 per square metre
Supply and Installation of a Flagstone Patio £105 per square metre £340 per sqOur At-a-Glance Summary of the Average Cost of a New Patio

uare metre

Supply and Installation of a Stone Patio £120 per square metre £300 per square metre
Supply and Installation of a Slate Patio £100 per square metre £300 per square metre
Supply and Installation of a Raised Patio £70 per square metre £300 per square metre

These prices are ballpark averages and will typically be subject to additional VAT. 

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Patio Pricing Variables Explained

It is tricky to provide an accurate cost for a new patio since each property may be different, with your choice of stone, slate or brick, the size of the patio and access to your garden all influencing your quotations.

Garden spaces may also require initial preparatory work, such as removing an old patio or concrete, fitting drainage systems to prevent the patio from flooding, and extra costs, such as hiring a skip, equipment or installing steps or a pathway from your back door to the patio area.

  1. Your Chosen Contractor

You might opt to hire a local gardener or a company that specialises in paving or patio installations. Another option is to work with a landscaper who can help design your patio and incorporate this into a broader garden makeover project. As an idea, a landscaper charges, on average, £250 per day for their services, whereas a paver or general gardener with experience laying patios might charge £150 to £200 a day, based on your location. Labour charges are normally higher in London and the southeast.

  1. Project Duration

There are countless reasons one patio project might be completed faster than another, such as material availability, access to your garden, weather conditions, and the type of soil in your region. The main contributor to the timeframes will, however, be the size of the patio you’d like to construct. Small patios normally take around two days, increasing to three or four days for a medium or large patio. Contractors usually need an additional day to remove an old patio and potentially another day to make repairs.

  1. Patio Size

The larger the patio you’d like to build, the more your installation will cost in terms of raw materials, concrete, labour hours and preparatory work. Most patio fitters provide indicative pricing per square metre, which allows you to estimate the total cost by comparing that quote with the size of your planned patio build.

  1. Patio Materials

Constructing a patio from a high-quality material such as sandstone or flagstone is considerably more expensive than a budget patio, often using bricks or concrete. As our pricing table above shows, your chosen type of slabs, stone or slate will impact your budget. Premium, reclaimed, and locally sourced stones are all widely available, depending on the appearance you would like to achieve.

  1. Soil Type in Your Area

Some regions have tougher soil conditions that mean a patio fitter needs to spend more time preparing the area before they can start laying paving. Examples might include very loose, damp soil, where the contractor will need to focus on building a stable, solid foundation before they can begin laying slabs. Any existing concrete or hardcore beneath your intended patio space will also affect your overall project costs since this will need to be removed.

  1. Garden Access

Gardens with complicated access may mean your contractor needs to complete work such as digging out by hand if there isn’t the space for them to bring machinery or heavy-duty equipment onto the site. Other access issues can relate to offloading materials, where your patio fitter needs to manually carry pallets of stone or brick into your garden – which may mean they need an alternative approach or additional time and labour.

  1. Patio Features and Finishes

Adding finishing touches to your patio, such as steps, flower beds, outdoor lighting, railing, and trellises, will feed into your budget – although a weatherproof cover or pergola can make a patio area more usable year-round. Be sure to include your requirements in your quotation request to ensure you have a good idea of the total costs involved.

Detailed Pricing for Patio Installation Projects

Next, we’ll look at some of the most popular patio installations and materials to provide insight into some of the cost factors.

Concrete Patio Installation Costs

Concrete is a low-cost, budget-friendly material, and it is widely used in gardening projects since it is resistant to dampness, moss, and weeds and remains in good condition when exposed to wet weather. Although concrete is relatively inexpensive, you can opt for various finishes such as painted, treated or brushed concrete, where slabs are often treated before being delivered to the patio installation site.

A concrete patio is among the most cost-efficient options, with a standard concrete deck costing between £60 and £90 per square metre.

Budgeting for a New Brick Patio

Brick patios require little ongoing maintenance but need regular weeding as weeds can grow through the gaps between each brick. Contractors can apply sealants to bricks periodically to prevent excessive weed growth, and these patios are easier to repair than many others if one brick or area becomes damaged over time.

Homeowners can choose between salvaged and reclaimed local bricks or pick from a huge range of colours and sizes, with an average patio installation cost of £70 to £110 per square metre.

Average Costs to Lay a Stone Patio

Flagstone is a high-demand material for patios, along with alternatives like porcelain, sandstone and limestone. Picking a material that is available locally may be cheaper than shipping a specific type of paving to your home. Stone patios look fantastic but require ongoing maintenance to ensure slabs remain even and to manage weed growth.

A traditional stone patio may cost more than some other options, but this depends heavily on the type of stone you choose and the size of the project. Stone patios cost from £105 per square metre for flagstone and £120 for other materials, increasing to between £300 and £340 per square metre for premium options.

The Cost of Constructing a Slate Patio

Like stone patios, slate is a timeless option and is durable and hardwearing. Once fitted, a slate patio retains a rich, deep hue and is water-resistant – making it easy to clean and keep moss-free.

Slate is another of the more expensive patio materials, depending on availability in your local area, with the average cost of a slate patio between £100 and £300 per square metre.

Average Costs of Building a Raised Patio

Raised patios work well in sloped gardens or those arranged over different levels. You might opt for a raised patio to sit at one end of your garden as a focal point or to maximise space in a compact outdoor area. Your installer will normally need to begin by constructing a retaining wall and digging out the ground to build the foundations.

These patios can be created from any of the materials we have discussed, hence the broad scope of pricing from £70 to £300 per square metre, depending on whether you go for a brick, slate, concrete, stone or raised patio.

Costs of Removing an Old Patio

If you have an old patio already in place and would like this to be removed, your contractor will complete this work before moving on. Many patio installers can also remove old decks or garden features that you’d like to replace with a new patio.

The process of dismantling and removing old patio materials will vary, depending on the size of the patio, whether you have large concrete slabs or foundations to remove, and access to your property to bring in a skip and equipment. Average patio removal costs start from around £250, although you may need to budget an additional amount for skip hire and waste disposal.

Average Patio Repair Costs

Patio repairs are often necessary after a period of time where paving stones, brickwork or pointing has become damaged or worn. Approximate patio repair costs are as follows:

  • Fixing loose slabs involves lifting and replacing each slab. Costs are normally between £30 to £40 per hour.
  • Repointing the patio by removing old grout or mortar and replacing it with fresh pointing costs roughly £10 to £20 per square metre.
  • Repairing cracks in your patio means removing broken slabs, dealing with the cause, such as weed growth, and replacing each slab. Most patio repairs of this nature cost from £250 and upward, depending on the extent of the damage.

As with all patio installation costs, these indications will vary based on the type of patio paving you have and the time a contractor will need to complete the work.

Adding Features and Landscaping to Your Patio

Many homeowners require a patio that is ready to use, with features such as lighting, outdoor heaters, furniture and planting. If you are contracting a patio installer to add these extra touches to your patio, you should ensure they are budgeted for from the start. You might also be able to purchase features yourself, provided you have included these costs in your total.

Patio lighting can vary from wall-mounted lights to solar-powered stake lights, discreet floor-level up-lighters or security lights fitted over your patio space. Most electricians will quote between £150 to £200 for an outdoor lighting project, varying with the cost of the light fittings, the number required, and the complexity of the wiring.

Outdoor heaters cost between £50 and £200, with options such as electrical outdoor heaters, wood-burning chimineas and outdoor fire pits, which can be standalone or sunken into the patio space.

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Remember, if you are in any doubt about what is included in your quote or what materials have been included in the price, you can always consult your selected tradesperson before proceeding with the work.


What Material Is the Best Option for a Garden Patio?

There are numerous options, and the right paving materials will depend on the age and style of your property, the aesthetic you’d like to achieve, and your budget. Premium materials like slate and flagstone are at the upper end of the price range but will last a long time and create an impressive finish. Cheaper budget patios are often made from concrete slabs, with a variety of colours and textures available.

Can I Install a New Patio if I Have an Old Patio in My Garden?

You can, but your contractor will normally need to remove the old patio before they can start work. A more aged patio is likely to have cracks and deviations, be uneven, and have an unstable substrate sitting under the paving, which needs to be removed to ensure the new patio looks as expected.

Am I Able to Build a New Patio Without Planning Permission?

Planning permission rules vary between local authorities, so it is always worth contacting your planning office for confirmation before work begins. Generally, you shouldn’t need formal planning consent for a patio up to around 25 square metres. Still, large patios or those with elevated structures such as a pergola or covered deck may need approval.

How Can I Get the Best Price for My New Patio?

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Note that most initial estimates will need to be followed by an in-person site visit for your shortlisted contractors to take measurements and provide an accurate quotation.

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