Prepping For The Extension: 2 to 4 weeks

Prepping for your kitchen extension can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Prep work is crucial to your project as it allows you to get an idea of what you can afford and what you are looking to accomplish with the extension.

First, calculate what your total budget will be for your project. You should also create a list of priorities you would like to see in the design. Do you need extra space? Or a more appealing design? Or better access to your yard or garden from your kitchen? Knowing the specifics will benefit during the paperwork and construction processes.

Designing Your Kitchen: 2 to 5 weeks

Once you have settled on an architect or contractor, you need to draw the design plans. The timeframe for this varies depending on if you have an existing drawing of your current property. If you already have your home’s design plans, you can begin drafting your ideal design.

However, if you do not have your current property design plan, you will have to get a measured survey to get the measurements required for your project.

Planning Your Kitchen Extension: 8 to 10 weeks

This next step for extending your kitchen will require ample patience. The minimum timeframe for the approval of your kitchen extension is typically 8 to 10 weeks. It can go far longer than this time frame, as they may want to alter your plans.

Be aware of Permission Conditions that can be associated with the approval of your project. The architect you’ve chosen, in some cases, can discharge them for you, but keep in mind that you can’t begin building until you have resolved them.

To keep your project progressing quickly, you may want your architect to organize the planning. A well-known architect will have a vast knowledge of the planning applications and overall process and ensure you submit everything on time, free of errors.

Technical Design: 4 to 8 weeks

Once your planning is complete, you will need to complete the necessary steps to begin building. These steps include researching the building regulations and looking into a contractor. The timeframe for this step varies from company to company. It is possible to be in this part of the process for up to 8 weeks.

To utilize this long wait time, look into plenty of contracting companies that offer the best services and pricing and extension quotes. For an easy way to save £1000,s on your kitchen extension, visit Extension Prices for a free quote on your project.

Party Wall: 1 to 12 weeks

Getting a Party Wall Agreement can either be a quick process or a dreadfully long one. This agreement is only necessary in cases where you’re building on a property line that’s shared with your neighbor or excavating within 3 meters of one, so this part of the process doesn’t apply to everyone.

If a Party Wall Agreement is necessary for your project, you will provide the affecting neighbors with a notice which they then have one week to provide written consent to your project. Once you’ve received the authorization needed, you can progress further into your project.

However, if your neighbors do not provide you with their consent, you may have to alter your plans until they agree or stop entirely.

The Tender Process: 2 to 4 weeks

The tender process involves hiring a builder. You will need to submit your tender documents to the builders you intend on working with on your project.

It is best to submit your project to plenty of different contractors and allow them to respond with their pricing and time frame estimates. Pricing varies dramatically from company to company, so having options will become helpful in staying within your budget.

Also, take the time to visit a few properties that the builder of your choosing has done work on, allowing you to get an idea of their handiwork and see how their builds age over time. You can also reach out to the owner to share their experience working with that contractor.

Executing Your Project: 8 to 16 weeks

The time frame of your kitchen expansion will vary on plenty of different factors, such as the size of the build and the features you’d like installed. A project that requires a heavy amount of glazing will have a longer timeframe than if you were to use regular walls to complete it. Additionally, the contractor you choose will also play a role in how long your project takes.

There is no one answer to how long does a kitchen extension take? Plenty of factors can affect the time frame of your project. It is best to prepare yourself well, in the beginning, to ensure you have all of your ducks in a row from the start to receive the fastest turnaround time. Also, research the different materials, contractors, and design styles beforehand to get a solid idea of what you want your new kitchen to portray. Most importantly, when all of the tedious work gets finished, enjoy your new spacious kitchen!

If you are still deciding on the size of your extension, and are thinking how much for a small extension? learn more here.

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