Why Use Refurbb to find local scaffolding firms?

  • Reduce cost installation – potentially save £100s on your project because you’ve compared costs.
  • Connect with reputable suppliers – not every scaffolding firm has the correct insurance and follows best practice safety procedures – find reputable installers here.
  • Hassle free – get a no-obligation quote without having to phone every firm!

Local Scaffolders for any project

If you’re planning any of the home improvement projects listed below, we’d love to hear from you and get you a better price on the scaffolding you require:

Scaffolding for loft conversion – quite often, you’ll need scaffolding for loft conversion projects for quite a number of weeks. The best way to get value for money here is to negotiate a lower price per day or per meter squared to save money on long term projects.

Scaffolding for chimneys – you may just need scaffolding for a quick chimney repointing or repair project. Chimney scaffolding differs slightly to regular scaffolding so make sure your chosen company knows that it is for chimney repair.

Scaffolding for detached or semi-detached houses – we can connect you with local scaffolders if you’re just looking for house repairs (both semi and detached).

Scaffolding for exterior house painting and decorating – scaffolding is required when painting the 2nd or third floor of your home (or any areas that are unreachable). Scaffolding allows you to reach those hard to access places during a home refurb or when decorating.

Scaffolding for roof work – roof work is perhaps the most popular scaffolding application as there is no other way to access a roof for a medium to a long term project. Using a ladder for a small project is safe, however, you’ll need something a bit more robust for longer-term projects such as re-doing roof tiles or a loft conversion.


Who are we partnered with?

We’re currently partnered with Bark who have access to thousands of scaffolding firms across the country, so the chances are, we can find a qualified local scaffolder to fulfil your project. To get started, simply fill in the form below and we’ll ask you a number of questions about your project. Once complete, you’ll be sent an email directly from Bark, with a link to a dashboard showing local scaffolders in your area.

We have the capability to find reputable cost effective scaffolders near you. Simply head to our Get A Quote page, enter your details, and reputable tradesmen near you will be in touch with a quote for your work. Getting a scaffolding quote has never been so simple!

Mike Alexander
Hey there, I'm Mike - writer and part time home improvement expert at Refurbb. Since owning and refurbishing my own property in 2018, I've since been developing rental properties, writing about my home improvement endeavours, sharing what I've learned and connecting readers to reputable tradespeople in the UK.

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